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Does the water softener affect my home’s water pressure?

A very small amount of water pressure may be lost when you fit a water softener, but Harvey water softeners are designed to minimise the effects. 

If you fit any appliance to a water distribution system, the mains pressure in your home will be slightly affected because the water has to pass through the appliance. In most Harvey installations, the effects of this are unnoticeable. Our expert team of installers will check your water pressure before the purchase and installation, to make sure you can avoid pressure drops due to your water softener. 

The main reason some people experience problems with water softeners causing a pressure drop is because their installer has fitted a unit that is too small to cope with their water usage. If you book a Harvey demonstration, our experts will ask you some questions to make sure they understand how much water you typically use and recommend the water softener model with the optimal capacity for your needs 

The more people that people live in your household, the more water they typically use. Your demonstrator might ask you about the number of bathrooms or cloakrooms in your home. If your children are currently small or your family is expanding, it’s worth bearing in mind that your water usage may increase over the life of your water softener.  

To make sure your water pressure isn’t noticeably affected by the water softener installation, we offer different sizes to accommodate different levels of water use. A larger softener can soften more water, more rapidly, maintaining the pressure comfortably if your water usage is higher. In a smaller household, a smaller capacity water softener will be easily able to maintain pressure. 

Our water softeners help you around the home in so many ways. Softened water can prevent limescale build-up in taps, pipes and appliances. Many people think it tastes better than hard water, and it’s much softer on skin. Request a quote.