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How do I remove PFAS (forever chemicals) from my water?

PFAS – also known as ‘forever chemicals’ – represent a group of thousands of chemicals, with hundreds used commercially across many sectors of industry and society. These chemicals were used since the 1940s to repel oil and water and resist heat, which makes them useful in everyday products such as non-stick cookware, stain resistant clothing, and firefighting foam. There is increasing evidence of the occurrence of PFAS in the environment and, once in the environment, PFAS are extremely persistent. This means we will continue to detect them for many years, despite restrictions. In addition to this, there is also growing concern regarding the risks to human health.

We are happy to say that our Reverse Osmosis systems are able to remove ng/l 250 PFAS from your water supply through it’s 4-stage filtration system. By offering higher filtration efficiency, these systems then remove more contaminants, making them ideal for areas with poor water quality. If you’re uncertain of you areas water quality you can contact your mains water supplier.

Did you know? Harvey Water Softeners supply and install Water Filter Systems. If you’d like to learn more, you can read more about our range of Water Filter systems here.