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How do I turn my bypass valve on and off?

Occasionally you may need to turn off your water softener or divert the water past it to change your filter for your drinking water. You might also need to turn it off if you spot a bypass valve leaking or water leaking from the top of your water softener.  

You’ll find the bypass valves on the pipes coming out of the water softener. The diagram below shows you what to look for. 

On installation, your Harvey water softener will have been turned on. The inlet and outlet valves should be iline with the pipework and the bypass will be cutting across the pipe. The outlet, inlet and bypass should all be facing the same direction. 

You can easily turn off your water softener by closing the outlet and inlet valves by about a quarter, then open the bypass valve with another quarter turn. The outlet, inlet and bypass should all be facing the same direction still. If your water softener is leaking, this is how you can turn it off. 

The diagram below is a guide. Each installation is different, so the appearance might differ slightly. If you’re unsure of what to do, just contact our expert team who will guide you through 

3 valve bypass

Push bypass/All-in-one bypass (from 09/2020)

Harvey is the UK’s number one brand for water softeners. Your Harvey water softener simply connects to your home water supply, slots under the sink, and begins the softening process.

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