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How much salt will the water softener use?

The amount of salt your water softener uses will depend on a number of factors, such as how many people are in your household and how much water they typically use.  

Most Harvey water softeners use block salt (depending on the model – our Smart HarveyArc uses Mini Curve Salt Blocks). We’ve designed both the traditional and mini curve salt blocks to make them easy to carry, store and load. 

The amount of salt you need to top up your water softener will depend on the model and size of the softener you have installed. Typical traditional block salt comes as 4kg blocks – 1 x 4kg block is about the right amount for one person, per month to use. The new HarveyArc model uses mini curve salt blocks, with average usage of one pack per person per month (2 x 2.15kg blocks per pack, equivalent to 4.25kg.) 

The amount of salt that your water softener uses will also depend on the settings of your water softener – the installer calibrates it according to the hardness of your water supply by adjusting the unit’s gearing. 

Once you’ve been using your water softener for a while, you’ll get a good idea of your household usage rate and how much salt you need to buy. You can buy the amount that suits you, some customers like to buy in bulk.  One of the main considerations when deciding how much to buy is the amount of space that you have to store your salt.  

Our salt is Grade Afood quality salt compliant with BS EN973. Unlike some salt blocks, ours contains no anti-caking agents or harmful minerals that could damage your softener. We only source salt from trusted suppliers to ensure the best quality product. Our traditional block salt is suitable for all block salt softeners including Harvey, Kinetico, Crown, Monarch, Minimax, TwinTecDualflo.  

To keep your water softener running smoothly, you’ll need to replace the salt in your system regularly. Check the salt chamber – if your water softener salt is running out, stock up on pure A-grade quality salt for home delivery from our online shop. Buy now.