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Is softened water ok for pets to drink?

If you own a cat, dog or any other household pet, you’ll know how important it is to provide a plentiful supply of clean, fresh drinking water for them. You want to be sure that the water you give them is good for their health and meets their needs. Soft water is safe for pets to drink in most cases. 

There is no salt added to softened water 

People are sometimes worried that softened water contains too much salt for pets’ diets, in fact, no salt is added to softened water. Salt is used to soften the resin that acts on the water in a Harvey water softener, but it doesn’t enter the water supply. The softening process slightly raises the sodium content of the water, but it’s still suitable for drinking. 

Softened water is safe for most pets – and people – to drink. But there are a couple of exceptions. 

If your pet has a special diet  

If your pet has been prescribed a restricted or sodium-free diet, don’t give them softened water to drink. We will install a drinking water tap alongside your Harvey water softener. This provides unsoftened water for you and your pets to drink. Some people and pets prefer the taste of hard water, so this is a common choice. 

If your pets are fish 

If you keep fish in an indoor aquarium or outdoor pond, check with the aquatics store where you bought them, or consult a vet or aquaculture expert. Some exotic, ornamental or tropical fish are affected by the minerals in either hard or soft water. If you’re thinking of keeping aquarium fish for the first time, it’s a good idea to research their water requirements first. For ease, you might decide to keep fish that prefer a soft water environment, if you have a water softener. 

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