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Supplying unsoftened water in multiple places

This is usually possible. Our installation team are very skilled with even the most complex installations. During your demonstration, our Harvey expert will look at the area in your home where the water softener and tap will go to confirm what installation options are open to you. 

When we install a Harvey water softener, we fit a hard water drinking tap as standard, so you can choose your preferred source of drinking water. 

Designated hard water taps can be installed with any sink in your household. Most people choose to have their drinking tap at the kitchen sink for convenience. If you are happy to use softened water for all domestic purposes, you can choose not to have an unsoftened water tap fitted. 

If you’d like more help deciding if you’d like a separate drinking water tap then you can read more here or talk to our expert team to find out what’s involved.  

View our range of water filters – they’re all compatible with our drinking water taps. We offer both active carbon and So Clear filters, so that you can keep your water clear of unwanted minerals. Find out more today