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What boiler and system do I need to use a water softener?

Our water softeners are designed and manufactured in England to suit UK homes and plumbing systems. 

Most boilers, central heating and water systems will benefit from using softened water, which can help systems run more efficiently by flushing away scale and scum. 

These are some of the most common types of system. A Harvey water softener demonstrator will take a look at all the factors of your home set-up before advising the best option for you.  

It’s also good to know that a Harvey water softener can be taken with you and reinstalled with your new system if you move house. 

Combi boilers  

A water softener will work with a combi boiler and remove all the scale in the heat exchanger of your existing system. This restores the system to its original efficiency and improves performance. 

Pressurised water systems 

Our water softeners are designed to handle both high and low flow rates with one system. Older plumbing systems that are indirect, with water storage tanks in the roof, require a low flow rate. The newer plumbing systems are direct, without a storage tank, and require a high flow rate.  

Boiling water taps 

Softened water is fully compatible with instant boiling hot water taps such as Quooker. It is also safe to use softened water with a stainless steel hot water cylinder, as it doesn’t react with stainless steel in any way. 

Distilled water systems 

Installing a Harvey water softener before you fit a water distilling system will prevent scale from forming in the future. If you fit a water softener after installing a water distilling system, you should notice the scale disappearing over time.  

Our water softeners help you around the home in so many ways. Softened water can prevent limescale build-up in taps, pipes and appliances. Many people think it tastes better than hard water, and it’s much softer on skin. Contact us