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What role does salt have in the softening process?

Salt is essential to keep your water softener running smoothly and supplying your home with softened water 24 hours a day. To keep it running efficiently and performing to its best, all you need to do is keep it topped up with salt.

Salt regenerates the machine and flushes away any hard minerals that might otherwise accumulate. It’s the salt that removes magnesium and calcium from hard water through a process called ion exchange to prevent limescale building up in household appliances, boilers or pipes.

Our How a Water Softener Works guide tells you more.

Most Harvey water softeners use block salt (depending on the model) which is easy to carry, store and load. The HarveyArc uses Mini Curve Salt Blocks, the HVX model uses traditional block salt and the Big Blue uses salt tablets.

Our salt is Grade A, food quality salt compliant with BS EN973. Unlike some salt blocks, ours contains no anti-caking agents or harmful minerals that could damage your softener. We only source salt from trusted suppliers to ensure the best quality product. Our standard salt blocks are suitable for all block salt softeners including Harvey, Kinetico, Crown, Monarch, Minimax, TwinTec, Dualflo.

 To keep your water softener running smoothly, you’ll need to replace the salt in your system regularly. Check the salt chamber – if your water softener salt is running out, stock up on pure A-grade quality salt for home delivery from our online shop. Buy now