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Why won’t my salt blocks go down?

Your salt blocks are unlikely to have stopped going down altogether. It’s more likely that the salt is going down unevenly from block to block – one is sometimes faster than another. This is perfectly normal and doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of your water softener. 

If you do think they might have stuck or crystallisedeither push down or remove the blockUse a plastic spatula to scrape off any salt build-up from the faces of the salt chambers. If it drops into the cabinet, it will dissolve harmlessly in the water. 

One salt block can go down more quickly because of where the brine valve is located in the water softener. The salt is always drawn from the block that is closest to the brine valve, so one block may completely dissolve away, while part of the other one remains.  

If your salt blocks do dissolve unevenly, you don’t need to replace one side until the other has finished. As long as there is some salt left in one of the chambers, the water softener will continue to function perfectly.  

When it comes to replacing the salt in your water softener, the most important thing is that you use high quality, pure salt blocks. This will prevent residue forming in your softener. Some lower quality salt blocks contain caking agents and other additives that produce this undesirable residue and may cause blockages 

We recommend that you buy your softener salt from Harvey, so you can be sure you’re always using pure, high quality salt that will get the best from your water softener and prolong its life. 

To keep your water softener running smoothly, you’ll need to replace the salt in your system regularly. Check the salt chamber – if your water softener salt is running out, stock up on pure A-grade quality salt for home delivery from our online shop. Buy now.