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Explore the best ways to care for your home and the impact of hard and soft water.

New research reveals best (and worst) places to rent a hot tub

As we prepare for a winter at home, many of us are opting to rent or even buy hot tubs.

It’s been a crazy year in so many ways and while lockdown and travel constraints will likely see us spending the festive period here in the… Read More >

How to pronounce… the UK’s most confusing kitchen words

Microwave. Meekro wahve. Meek raw have.

As the lovely Nigella Lawson showed us all this week, pronouncing even common terms like microwave can be a real minefield.

So we wondered… what other kitchen terms do we struggle to pronounce?… Read More >

Christmas cook ups: the UK’s most googled christmas recipes

Every year, we slave over hot stoves to create spectacular festive feasts to fill the family. But what recipes are we most likely to cook up in December?

We analysed 3.7 million searches made on Google over the period of December 2019 to discover the recipes that… Read More >

Could hard water be ruining your baking?

From irritable dry skin to limescale damage in your home, the detrimental impact of hard water is well documented.

But, it has now been revealed water hardness also has a considerable effect on baking, too… Read More >

How to care for your boiler

It is easy to neglect your boiler over time, but this can result in poor performance and even breakdowns. In order to maximise the lifespan of your boiler and avoid buying a costly replacement, you should take steps to care for your boiler at home… Read More >

Revealed: the face of Britain’s front doors

Here at Harvey Water Softeners, we want to help homeowners across the UK to feel as comfortable as possible in their property with softened water at the heart of the home – whether that’s for a more luxurious bubble bath, shinier appliances or the feeling of soft water on your skin after a shower… Read More >

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