Good housekeeping

Approved product

The Harvey Water Softener was added to the Good Housekeeping Institute’s list of approved products in 2013, confirming that it has passed rigorous consumer quality tests devised and carried out by GHI researchers.

The Good Housekeeping Institute aims to help people who are thinking of making a purchase by trying out consumer products to make sure that they live up to common-sense standards of quality and effectiveness. With over 90 years’ experience in consumer testing, their judgement and impartiality is widely respected.

Buying with confidence

We’re very proud to have the Harvey Water Softener added to the list of Tried and Tested products. From talking to our customers we know that when you decide to tackle the hard water problems in your home, you want to solve the problem once and for all, without having to try out a lot of different products yourself. Our customers already find reassurance from reading about our customers’ experiences and from our excellent reputation on independent review sites. We hope that this approval will give even more confidence to people who are looking at the various options.