5 Best Health Gadgets for 2018

Technology can water our plants, make our tea and turn on our lights, but we want to know how else we can be looked after by gadgets. 2018 is going to see a huge range of weird and wonderful bits of clever kit all designed to improve our health and wellbeing. Take a look here at our list of the best health gadgets for 2018.

AI for Pregnancy

Getting pregnant can be a bit of a challenge, especially working out the best times which are going to increase your chances when you are most fertile. EarlySense has created a monitor that sits under your mattress and monitors the potential mother’s heart rate and breathing. Clever tech then tells you when your six-day window is!

Allergy Sensors

Nima’s allergy sensors are genius and literal lifesavers for those with food allergies and intolerances. Their Gluten Sensor has been previously available, but 2018 is going to see the release of the Peanut Sensor! This is for those with peanut allergies who want to test foods before taking a bite. They are small handheld devices and would be perfect for holidays where you may not be able to read everything on the menu!

UV Ray Sensors

L’Oreal are intending to promote good skin this year with their inventive wearable; UV Sense. This little nail addition monitors the harmful UV rays from the sun, definitely meant for those on the beach or by the pool. It then links up to an app and tells you when you need to get out of the sun to keep your skin healthy. Great for the kids this summer!

AI for Running

Do you ever feel like you’d go running more if you had that extra bit of motivation? Well, Vi provides motivation as you run. It’s an AI pair of earphones designed to learn your fitness levels, your personal goals and push you past your limits. As it knows what you’re capable of, it knows exactly when you are slacking. It links up with your phone and can play your music whilst telling you to pick up the pace! Definitely, one to look into if you’re trying to lose some calories this year.

Smart Inhalers

These clever inhalers are Bluetooth enabled and tell you if you are using them properly whilst gathering medical information about the patient. For example, it monitors how often you are needing to use it, where and whether it was actually correctly taken. Many Brits are failing to use their inhalers correctly, this could be a smart way to combat this.

What do you think? Will you be looking to use any of these gadgets in 2018 to help your health? Let us know over on Facebook!

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