Healthier Hair Trends

Make 2020 the year of good hair days! From leading a busy lifestyle to the weather changing its mind by the minute, life plays havoc with your hair. So we’ve got you 5 simple top tips to follow making bad hair days a thing of the past.


2020 Healthier Hair Trends

1. Get regular haircuts

It is recommended you get a trim every six weeks. Getting rid of the dry split ends actually means your hair will grow quicker. And leave it looking fresh and healthy.



2. Maintain a healthy diet

Eat your way to healthy hair!

–       Looking for silky hair? Eat lean meats, tofu, beans and food high in iron and zinc.

–       Unbreakable hair – try oranges, broccoli, red peppers, kiwis and foods rich in vitamin C.

–       Strength – go for high protein foods.


3. Install a water softener

Water softeners remove the chemicals from the water which cause it to be hard. Hard water dries out your hair because shampoos don’t mix with the minerals. Simply introducing softened water means products will lather better making your hair softer, shinier and more manageable.


4. Go natural

Give your hair a break a few times a week. Let your hair air dry and keep away from heated tongs, tight headbands/hair bands.


5. Turn down the temperature of your shower

A hot shower might feel amazing, especially in the winter months. But scalding hot water dries out your hair and even washes colour out quicker. Turn it down a degree or two.


And just like that, your hair will be right on trend this year.

So, if your locks are looking lacklustre, it could be because you’re washing your hair in hard water at home. A water softener can help to remove harsh minerals from your water supply and improve the softness of your hair and skin. Book a demonstration with one of our experts today to find out how.

Have A Good Hair Day – Washing with softened water can improve hair condition – Discover The Difference