Malton Food Lovers Festival 2022

We exhibited at Malton Food Lovers Festival from the 27th-29th August 2022, and were pleased to be at such a lively event. Set across the streets of Yorkshire’s Food Capital, the Malton Food Festival is a celebration of Yorkshire’s finest produce & cooking. With artisan stalls, street food, celebrity chefs, live music and more, there was plenty of activity surrounding our stall, as well as lots of people to meet.

Over the three days, we were able to interact with the Yorkshire community face-to-face. We offered live product demonstrations, and educated visitors on the benefits of soft water and cost savings that can be achieved with a water softener. Many were aware of their issues with hard water, but didn’t yet realise the benefits a water softener could bring. Heat exchange demonstrations were shown, and visitors were astounded to see the difference in the bubbles and clarity of water between hard and soft water.

The Yorkshire community were educated on the vast savings that a water softener can bring to an average household in their area, resulting in savings of around £1,100! Visitors were also able to check the water hardness in their area using the Harvey Water Hardness Checker. Not only did we get some shout-outs on the YorkMix radio, but we also gained interest from The Cook’s Place, our neighbour stall who were keen to get involved, learn about Harvey Water Softeners, and watch our live demos.

Overall, it was a successful event, and we were able to build brand awareness and book in lots of demonstrations for keen visitors. Learn more about the Malton Food Lover’s Festival here.