Money saving devices for the home

The push towards energy and money-saving technologies in the home is greater than ever before. Over in the US, Barack Obama once again addressed the issue of climate change as a primary driver in his policy pushes during the upcoming second term of his presidency, putting the issue of technology firmly in the minds of everyone – from key decision-makers to average homeowners.

So, if you’re looking to get the most from your money in the coming months, what are your options? Looking for better deals on your utility bills is a good start, along with a more pragmatic approach to everyday issues, such as leaving the car behind for shorter trips and packing your own lunches. However, it is important to look to the home for the biggest changes you can make – and many will pay for themselves in a matter of years, if not much sooner.

Eco-friendly shower heads

The latest eco-friendly shower heads are able to aerate water as it flows through, offering a spa-like shower experience while delivering impressive water savings – often using only a third as much as traditional options.


Insulation is an easy decision,considering temperatures we have been experiencing. As well as keeping you warmer by retaining heat, it also protects pipes against freezing, if used in the right places (such as wall cavities). There are subsidised options for insulation which can mean that it is free of charge. If it is not available free of charge, a paid option will often work out cheaper than one might expect, too – especially in terms of heating savings over the course of three or four years.

Water softeners

While the quality of drinking water improves with softening, there are a number of other money-saving benefits associated with water softeners. For instance, they prevent limescale – a major cause of appliance failure, boiler inefficiency and pipe blockage. They reduce the need for cleaning products, whether on surfaces or your body. Although it may seem like a small change, over time this will add up substantially.

Energy-saving bulbs

A rush to the shops to buy incandescent bulbs prior to their ban under EU laws was led by many a right-wing newspaper, but it’s a bit short-sighted to criticise energy-saving light bulbs so harshly. While they can take a minute or two to “warm up”, they still outlast regular bulbs by years – and use a fraction of the power for the same brightness.

At Harvey Water Softeners, we’re passionate about helping people save money on their household bills. Our water softeners can help you spend less on bottled water, bathroom and cleaning products, repairs and replacements of kitchen and bathroom appliances and fittings. Find out how you can pay for your new water softener gradually with our flexible payment options.

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