Top 10 Romantic Destinations for 2018

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Looking like something out of a Disney movie, Sveti Stefan is a formal royal home-away-from-home and is one of the most stunning places in Europe. Salmon pink beaches with crystal blue water and a mountainous backdrop make this place the ideal romantic getaway. With a range of hotels, this beautiful area can host couples on a variety of travel budgets.


Venice, Italy

Venice is a classic for good reason, however, it is sadly becoming a ghost city, a resort only made for those with an extortionate amount of money. Basically, you need to see it whilst you can. The rumours of it being sunk anytime soon are usually fabricated and it isn’t expected to sink in the near future, however, you should probably see this wonder at some point! With canals everywhere, delicate buildings and a truly unique scenery, it’s romantic for the memories you are going to hold forever.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Old cobbled streets with the backdrop of oceanic beauty, it’s also the film set for a lot of Game of Thrones scenes! The essential advice for Dubrovnik is not to go in the summer as it gets hectic, to say the least. The small streets and old town make it very difficult to navigate with vast crowds of people. With many wine bars, museums and the opportunities to explore the sea on boat trips, Dubrovnik truly has it all.



It’s quite difficult to pick one location to have a romantic getaway in for Bali, so instead we’ll offer a few different locations and activities. For a breathtaking piece of nature try Tegenungan waterfall, but if you do go – beware as it can get crowded in the busy months, which are typically July and August. The Tegalalang rice terraces are what many people associate with the region and offer some unique views, definitely one to see when in Bali. For ultimate romance, however, it has to be Seminyak with a meal on the beach. Plenty of restaurants offer it, but do a little bit of research before getting there.



If romance in your relationship is defined by adventure and diving, the Maldives should be at the top of your list. If it’s snorkelling you’re after as opposed to scuba diving itself, then the northern islands will be better for you. The southern islands have deeper underwater lagoons perfect for the aqua-explorer couple.


Rhodes, Greece

When many think of Greek romantic locations it is typically Santorini that crops up, but Rhodes is equally as gorgeous if not more. Its vast array of luxurious beaches are perfect for sitting back with a book and enjoying the ultimate relaxing holiday with your better half. Rhodes is also in a great position for some Greek island hopping, so get your sea legs on for some romantic memories for a trip of a lifetime.


Oahu, Hawaii

The third largest of the Hawaiian islands, Oahu is home to Honolulu, the capital of the state. Here, romance comes in the form of two volcanoes at either side of the island. Whilst not the romantic part of Oahu, you can visit the infamous Pearl Harbour for a slice of culture on your romantic break away. With extensive tours of the other islands and breathtaking views, Hawaii is the ultimate romantic destination.


Palawan, Philippines

Sticking to breathtaking views, Palawan in the Philippines offers unique underground river cruises and tours that you will never forget. If you want to get a true feeling for this unique place in the world, look at pictures of Honda Bay. With the potential for island hopping and some of the clearest water you will ever swim in, Honda Bay is definitely one for the water babies out there.


Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

Iceland is a magnificent place, so choosing one place to visit is a struggle, that’s why we recommend the Vatnajökull National Park. One of only three national parks in Iceland, featuring rivers, volcanoes and glaciers, this national park is just waiting to be explored. It will offer you unprecedented time to have a once in a lifetime trip as a couple and find little caves and spaces as you trek through the park.


Fiskardo, Kefalonia

Featuring a small fishing town in one of Greece’s most beautiful islands, Fiskardo is historic and idyllic. The 2km stretch of coast is home to the port of the same name and has a small tourist industry, meaning it’s practically untouched. In 2018 you and your partner could be taking a trip to a little portion of untouched Greek beauty before the crowds discover it!

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