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Are there any downsides to water softeners?

The only factors in owning a water softener that might be considered ‘downsides’ are the ongoing cost of salt, the cost of the softener and the space that it needs. However, the overwhelming feedback we get from our customers is that they are delighted with the benefits of their softener, so we’ve broken down why this is, and why a Harvey water softener is more than worth it:

The cost of salt

Salt is an important factor in making sure your softener is working properly, and it needs to be replaced regularly. It is the only ongoing maintenance cost, and the average family of four will use around £160 worth of salt per year. We sell high quality salt blocks at competitive prices in the Harvey salt store and will deliver it to your home.

Space for the softener

When it comes to taking up space in your home, our innovative HarveyArc has been designed to be as compact as possible and fits nicely under the sink with room to spare, so that it’s not obtrusive. If that’s not suitable for your home, you can use any small cupboard or even install the softener in the garage or outside in a purpose-built shelter, as long as there is access to the main water supply into the house.  

When you request a quote or more information from us, a Harvey expert will talk to you about your requirements and survey your home (either in person or virtually, using a video messaging service such as FaceTime), to establish the most suitable place to install. 

The cost of the softener

You have to pay for the water softener. It’s a significant cost, but most customers find that it’s well worth it for the benefits of having softened water. In addition, there are plenty of household savings to be had and we estimate that an average family of four can save up to £500 per year. Your heating system and appliances will become more efficient and less likely to need repairs or replacements, you’ll need to use less cleaning products to get your house sparkling, and fewer products for baths and showers. We can offer flexible payment facilities to spread the cost.  

Harvey is the UK’s number one brand for water softeners. Your Harvey water softener simply connects to your home water supply, slots under the sink, and begins the softening process. You can book a no-obligation demonstration with one of our experts to learn more about our water softeners – get in touch today. Book now