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Can I use softened water for the chilled water dispenser in my fridge?

You can plumb your softened water supply into the water chiller compartment of your fridge. This means that your drinking water will be softened. If your fridge or fridge freezer has an ice maker that runs from the water supply, the ice will also be made from softened water. 

Unless you are on a low or zero sodium diet, softened water is safe and healthy to drink, whether it’s from the kitchen tap or from the chilled water dispenser in your fridge.  

People have different opinions about the taste of softened water. Some people prefer it, while others like the taste of hard water better. When we install your Harvey water softener, we also install a drinking water tap, so you can choose to drink softened or unsoftened water. 

If you have a water softener, but you want to use hard water in your fridge water dispenser, you can connect it to the same hard water source as the drinking water tap. Talk to your demonstrator or installer about this and they will be able to discuss how it can be done in your home.  

If you already have a softener and are getting a fridge with a connected drinking water dispenser, tell the installer if you want to connect it to a hard water source. 

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