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Does a Harvey Water Softener™ use a ‘backwash’?

Harvey water softeners supplied to UK households do not need to use a backwash cycle.  

A backwash cycle is a feature of Americanmanufactured water softeners. 

Many water supplies throughout the USA are from private boreholes, making the water quality extremely varied and unpredictable. Finding dirt in the water, or turbidity, is a constant problem. 

Americanmanufactured water softeners counter this by adding a backwash feature to their water softeners, which helps to remove particulate matter and flush it down the drain. 

Adding this extra cycle makes American water softeners tall. It also increases the amount of water and salt they use. 

UK standards for water softeners: 

Mains water supplies everywhere in the UK are of a very high quality. As there isn’t any dirt in the water, there isn’t a need for a backwash feature. With no backwash cycle, Harvey water softeners save on water consumption and make households more efficient. 

Harvey is the UK’s number one brand for water softeners. Your Harvey water softener simply connects to your home water supply, slots under the sink, and begins the softening process. You can book a no-obligation demonstration with one of our experts to learn more about our water softeners – get in touch today. Book now