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Does softened water have an unnatural, slippery feeling?

When people make a switch to softened water, they sometimes comment that it has a different feeling, describing it as silky or slippery feeling water 

This is entirely normal and safe. The softer feel is explained by the presence of minerals in the softened water rather than the harder deposits of calcium and magnesium that are found in hard water. 

It’s the process of softening water that removes these grainy, harder deposits – the same ones that you see building up in your kettle, on your taps and showerheads and in more hidden areas like your drainage pipes. Without softening your water, these deposits end up on your skin, sometimes making it feel dry. Compared to hard water, softened water feels slippery or silky. 

When people first start using softened water, they tend to use the same amount of soap that they previously used with hard water. So you might also feel a slippery residue on your skin after washing because you’ve used too much soap. With softened water, you don’t need to use as much as you were used to with hard water.   

Make sure you rinse off thoroughly and youll get used to using smaller amounts of soap over time. This is the same for shampoos, conditioners and other cleansers you use in the bath or showerIt’s good news because you’ll use less of your favourite products, which helps you to save money and reduce packaging use in the long term.  

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