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How long does an installation take?

A typical installation usually takes between three and four hours 

Before booking an installation, you’ll have had a virtual or in-person visit from our representative for a demonstration. This includes assessing your home and talking to you about the possible locations for the water softener and any special considerations for the installation process. They’ll highlight any unusual features of your plumbing or water system and make sure the planned installation can accommodate them. 

Before your installation, we’ll get in touch to find out about access arrangements and parking at your property. That’s just so our installers know what to expect and can plan where to park their van and how to transport their tools and your softener into your home. 

If you don’t have a private driveway or parking close to your door, we’ll find an alternative. We might just have to allow a little more time for the installation – we like to plan ahead so we can keep our team on schedule! 

If you’re getting quotes for water softeners, check that everything’s included and that the quote is specific to your home and your needs – so there’s no unexpected cost further down the lineYou’ll find more here about what to consider when looking at installing a water softener 

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