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What is a water conditioner?

Water conditioners treat water using a range of processes, they can be magnetic, electrolytic, electrostatic, electro-magnetic or electronic. The requirements of the installation, especially whether it is to be used for treating a single appliance or a whole house, would influence which type to choose. The size of the property may also affect the design of the installation.

Water conditioners do not remove the hardness minerals and so they will not provide softened water. This is why they are called conditioners. This is one of the factors which differentiate them from a Harvey Water softener which removes 100% of the limescale from your water.

A water conditioner is only a scale reducer and will not provide all the benefits of a Harvey Water Softener. A conditioner would not give water a silky feel, make skin and hair feel softer, nor substantially reduce the consumption of shampoo, shower gel, as well as other washing and cleaning materials, nor reduce cleaning times of baths, showers and sinks as a Harvey Water softener would.

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Your Harvey water softener simply connects to your home water supply, slots under the sink, and begins the softening process. You can book a no-obligation demonstration with one of our experts to learn more about our water softeners – get in touch today. Book now