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Why is a Harvey Water Softener™ better than an alternative product?

What makes a Harvey Water Softener so special?

As the leading UK brand of domestic water softeners, we’re incredibly proud of the exceptional quality and design of our Made in Britain machines (in recognition of our efforts to promote excellence in research and development for British manufacturing). We have decades of experience developing the best water softening technology, designed to make your life as simple and soft as can be. 

When you invest in a Harvey™ Water Softener you’re in good hands. We’re committed to providing the best service and product possible for you. From the first phone call, right through to the after service we will keep you informed and respond to your enquiries and questions swiftly.

Our latest domestic model, the super intuitive and state-of-the-art Smart HarveyArc, combines powerful performance with unmatched efficiency, resulting in a fantastic eco-friendly and compact design.

a lady using her harvey water softener

We’ve installed over 200,00 Harvey softeners in the UK, and that number keeps growing as more people hear about the wonders of soft water and what Harvey can do for to enrich their life (check out testimonials from hundreds of ecstatic customers, raving about the quality of our products and service.

Why not book a demonstration with one of our expert demonstrators, and find out how a Harvey water softener works? Our dedicated rep will demonstrate the difference between hard and soft water and what softened water in your home will feel like.  

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