Hair care

Hair care

by im_laura

One of the key pieces of advice to alleviate the spread of COVID-19 is to ensure you are washing your hands more frequently, but there are little rules around not washing your hair whilst in isolation.

by Samantha

<p>Hair health is so important to your overall hair happiness. Glossy, shiny, healthy locks move more freely, catch the sun and help you to feel gorgeously confident.</p>

<p>We've put together some top tips to help you improve your hair health:</p>

by im_laura

A new study into the perceptions of different hair types, conducted by Harvey Water Softeners, has found that three-quarters of men and women say their confidence has been affected by their hair, with 40% of those stating dryness, frizz or general lack of health as the main issue.

by im_laura

It’s truly an arcane art understanding how often you should wash your hair.

Some people swear by a good daily wash, others swear off washing until a good week has passed.

by im_laura

Having dry, brittle hair can affect our self-esteem and leave us feeling lacklustre. There are many causes of dry hair, including our environment and health. However, your hair can be saved and given a new lease of life with a variety of different treatments.

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