How to clean limescale from kettle

Stop to play little chemist and learn how to clean limescale from kettle.
Lime-free water directly from the tap with Harvey water softeners.

  • Reduce mineral build-up in pipes and appliances
  • Extend the lifespan of water-using appliances
  • Make water less hard for even tastier teas and infusions
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The HarveyArc
Water Softener​

Our UK-made water softener is ultra-reliable, eco-friendly, and compact. Designed to fit under the kitchen sink, the advanced twin cylinder design requires no programming or maintenance.

  • Compact design
  • In-app salt monitoring system included​
  • Modern, stylish design
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How hard is my water?

Use out water hardness test to find out how hard the water is in your area. At a level of 100ppm, you could benefit from a water softener.

parts per million

Unfortunately we do not have data for your area but you could still benefit from a water softener.

Clean your kettle with natural methods as…

White vinegar

Take 5 cups of water for 1 cup of white vinegar, rinse or boil several times.

Bicarbonate of soda

You need 200 grams of baking soda for 1 litre of water, a sponge or a toothbrush you no longer use, and a lot of energy to remove stubborn stains.

Citron juice

Turn on the stove and heat the mixture of lemon juice in one litre of water. Rinse at least three times to remove the lemon taste and the removed limescale.

Citric acids

Pour 1 litre of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of citric acid and wait a few hours until the mixture takes effect. Then rinse.

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…or discover the daily benefits of a water softener

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Protect your home appliances

Household appliances last longer thanks to limescale-free water.

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Save up to *£1000

4x less cleaning products and save money on your energy bills. (*source)


Safe water at the source

The water from your tap is purified with the most safest filtration technologies.

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Limescale is a result of minerals like calcium and magnesium in hard water. It can accumulate over time, diminishing the efficiency of appliances and affecting water quality. In the case of kettles, limescale buildup can lead to reduced heating efficiency and unsightly deposits.

HarveyArc is the best water treatment system for combating limescale in appliances. Their innovative technology effectively removes hardness minerals from tap water, preventing the formation of limescale at the source and reducing the amount of encrusted stains in kettles.

Perfect tea requires perfect water

HarveyArc filtration Water parameters for a good cup of tea* (*source: UK Tea Academy)
PH Neutral – between 6–8
Water Hardness (TDS) <100ppm
Chlorine 0 mg/l
Odour Absent

Unleash the true essence of teas with Harvey Arc

Nilgiri tea

  • Bright and lively flavour with citrusy and floral notes
  • Smooth and mellow texture
  • Ideal to drink in the most elegant occasions

Black blend tea

  • The traditional essence of British tea
  • Distinctive fragrance
  • Perfect for cozy tea rooms and quaint cottages

Earl Grey

  • Aromatic citrusy note of bergamot
  • Sophisticated aroma
  • The best for a relaxing afternoon tea

Assam tea

  • Robust and bold flavour
  • Rich and malty aroma, with hints of sweetness and earthiness
  • Perfect in every moment of the day

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Mel – Watford, Hertfordshire

“You bought a new kettle, made a cup of tea and within 2 weeks you had little floaters in your tea. Not very nice. The day after the installation you could tell the softened water had gone all round the house.”

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Can I upgrade my old Water Softener?

Yes, we always recommend that a Water Softener is upgraded to ensure it keeps delivering soft water and exceptional service without fail. Usually Water Softeners are robust enough to last a very long time, perhaps even as long as 10 years or over. However, new technologies will always make upgrading your old softener a tempting ...  Read More >

Do I need a filter?

Many people choose to have a separate hard water tap, to provide unsoftened water for drinking but there are no legal, health or safety requirements to do this.  If you choose to install a Harvey water softener, we fit a hard water drinking tap as standard, so you can choose your preferred source of drinking ...  Read More >

Can Reverse Osmosis and In-Line Filter systems be used for drinking and cooking purposes?

Yes, both reverse osmosis systems and in-line filters can be used for drinking and cooking purposes. However, reverse osmosis systems provide a higher level of purification, making them suitable for areas with poor water quality or specific contamination concerns. In-line filters are more focused on improving taste and reducing basic impurities. Did you know? Harvey ...  Read More >

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