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The UK's best softened water, now available for the North East

  • Remove limescale in the home for shiny and sparkling surfaces
  • Softer on hair and skin, perfect for the little ones
  • Help you save money on your bills with more efficient appliances

Hard water contains limescale and other hard deposits which leave surfaces around your house dull and scaly, while also drying out your skin and leaving your hair lifeless. A water softener is designed to remove that hardness, providing a range of benefits – including saving you money! Did you know you can save up to £240 on just your heating bills with a water softener? Less limescale means your boiler and other home appliances can work more efficiently.

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The smarter way to get softer water every day

Our new Smart HarveyArc is our best water softener yet, giving you and your family these amazing benefits:

  • Remove limescale and spend less time cleaning
  • Softer on skin, no more irritation
  • Shiny and silky hair
  • Softer linen & sparkling tableware
  • Protect household appliances and pipes

How hard is my water?

Use out water hardness test to find out how hard the water is in your area. At a level of 100ppm, you could benefit from a water softener.

parts per million

Unfortunately we do not have data for your area but you could still benefit from a water softener.

Save money on bills with a Harvey water softener

  • Between 20% to 64% reduction on your energy bills
  • Increase the lifespan of your household appliances
  • Use up to four times less cleaning products
  • Help beat increasing heating costs with improved boiler efficiency

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Watch what Dennis and Anita have to say about their Harvey Water Softener.

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If you’d like to keep the water softener after the trial, we’ll switch you onto your chosen payment method and deduct trial costs. If you choose not to keep it, we’ll remove your softener, return your pipework and plumbing to their original state and refund your rental payments.​

Start your journey for beautiful soft water by getting in touch with Harvey Water Softeners.

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