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Harvey Water Softeners

  • Stop limescale at the source and reduce your energy bills..
  • Keep your appliances running and lasting longer.
  • Soft on skin and hair, say goodbye to hard water irritation.

Harvey Water Softeners are the UK’s leading brand for water softeners. Founded in 1978, we have over 40 years experience creating softener solutions that improve the quality of the water in your home, reducing limescale, making your hair and skin softer, and saving you money on your household energy bills.

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What is a water softener?

  • A water softener is designed to remove calcium and magnesium from your water supply, the two minerals that contribute to hard water
  • A Harvey water softener is a single unit that is plumbed into your mains water supply and is usually installed under your kitchen sink, providing soft water throughout your home
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Why do I need a water softener?

  • Hard water causes those crusty limescale deposits on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces that are difficult to clean
  • Hard water has also been linked to dry skin and hair, and makes it worse for those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema

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How does a water softener work?

  • A water softener works by using an ion exchange process – a salt resin is used to bind to the calcium and magnesium deposits and remove them from the water supply
  • This means that a salt consumable needs to be refilled regularly to keep the softener working

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The UK’s #1 selling Water Softener

  • Stop limescale at the source and reduce your energy bills.
  • Keep your appliances running and lasting longer.
  • Soft on skin and hair, say goodbye to hard water irritation.

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    FAQs for water softeners

    How hard is my water?

    We’ve put together a handy water hardness checker tool where you can enter your postcode or town name to see your local water hardness level.

    Check the water hardness level in your area >

    What does softened water taste like?

    Some people are more sensitive than others to the taste of water. You may be able to detect a difference in flavour between unsoftened and softened water. But there’s no right answer to which one tastes best! It really depends what you are used to. If you grew up in a soft water area, you might well prefer the taste of soft water. If you are used to drinking hard water, that’s the one you will probably like better. 

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    Is softened water safe to drink?

    Softened water is safe to drink in most cases. There are a few precautionary exceptions but it’s a mainly a matter of preference whether you choose to drink it. Many people choose to have a drinking water tap installed at the same time as their softener, because they prefer the taste of harder water.

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    How much does a water softener cost?

    A Harvey Water Softener cost can vary on a number of things, mostly the complexity of your installation as every home is different. This is why we provide a bespoke price for all customers that includes the price of the softener unit itself, all installation/plumbing costs, and any other upgrade options such drinking taps or water filters.

    Get in touch with us to ask about your bespoke price >