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95% of people who trial a Harvey Water Softener keep it!

Try a Harvey water softener for three months with no obligation

A trial is a risk-free way to experience all the benefits of softened water for yourself. 95% of people who trial a Harvey water softener for three months are happy with the results and opt to keep their water softener.

If you too fall in love with your Harvey water softener, at the end of the trial you keep it. We’ll switch you onto your chosen payment method, deducting the rental payments you made during the trial from the cost.

If you don’t want to keep it, we’ll remove your softener, return your pipework and plumbing to their original state and refund your rental payments.

How we confirm an accurate water softener price

We can give you an exact cost once we know what kind of installation you need.

Our expert will get in touch to confirm this. They’ll arrange a free in-home or virtual demonstration to suit you, to assess how the water softener will be fitted in your home. We can then give you an accurate price and make sure you have all the information you need about softened water.

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    Benefits of Softened Water

    • Your heating system works more efficiently
    • You reduce your cleaning bills by over half
    • Your appliances will last longer

    Feel great with softened water

    • You have a lot less cleaning to do
    • Your hair and skin feels great
    • You get nice bubbly baths and showers

    Find out more about the benefits of softened water.

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    About Water Softeners

    Are there any downsides to water softeners?

    The only factors in owning a water softener that might be considered ‘downsides’ are the ongoing cost of salt, the cost of the softener and the space that it needs. However, the overwhelming feedback we get from our customers is that they are delighted with the benefits of their softener, so we’ve broken down why this ...  Read More >

    Do I need to turn off my water softener if I go on holiday?

    You do not need to turn off your water softener during periods away from the property. If no water is being used while you are away the water softener will not function anyway.  However, when returning after any time longer than seven days, we recommend running a hard and soft water mains tap for one minute, as ...  Read More >

    How do I turn my bypass valve on and off?

    Occasionally you may need to turn off your water softener or divert the water past it to change your filter for your drinking water. You might also need to turn it off if you spot a bypass valve leaking or water leaking from the top of your water softener.   You’ll find the bypass valves on the pipes coming out of the water softener. The ...  Read More >

    Drinking Softened Water

    Can I have a tap supplying unsoftened water somewhere other than at the kitchen sink?

    This is usually possible. Our installation team are very skilled with even the most complex installations. During your demonstration, our Harvey expert will look at the area in your home where the water softener and tap will go to confirm what installation options are open to you.  When we install a Harvey water softener, we fit a hard ...  Read More >

    Can I use softened water for mixing baby feeds?

    We don’t recommend using softened water for baby formula milk or baby food.   While softened water is healthy and safe for most children and adults to consume, there’s an exception for babies. The Drinking Water Inspectorate sets out a limit for infants of 200 mg sodium per litre in the Drinking Water Regulations. This limit was adopted to make sure that the total sodium levels in baby ...  Read More >

    Can I use softened water for the chilled water dispenser in my fridge?

    You can plumb your softened water supply into the water chiller compartment of your fridge. This means that your drinking water will be softened. If your fridge or fridge freezer has an ice maker that runs from the water supply, the ice will also be made from softened water.  Unless you are on a low or zero ...  Read More >

    Harvey’s Benefits

    How do I extend my warranty?

    Our standard warranty is three years. In the unlikely event of failure or breakdown of your water softener, repairs relating to your water softener including parts and labour will be supplied as part of this scheme.   We will contact you before your initial warranty runs out to let you know that it’s expiring, and to tell you about the extended warranty scheme that’s ...  Read More >

    How does the 3 month trial work?

    You can experience beautifully softened water in your home for yourself by trialling a Harvey water softener for three months, with no obligation to keep it at the end of the period.   During the trial, you will pay a monthly rental payment. If you enjoy the benefits of softened water and are happy with the ...  Read More >

    How long does a demonstration take?

    It takes roughly an hour.

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