How to make bath time less stressful

Bath time can be the most stressful time of the day, especially when your little one just does not want to get in. If they start screaming as soon as you mention the words “bath time”, you might begin to dread your evening routine. However, bath time doesn’t need to be a nightmare. If you’re struggling to get your children into the bath, follow these 5 top tips.

1. Timing Is Everything

Don’t run a bath right before bedtime. Allow your children some time to play after the bath, so they don’t feel rushed to go to bed.

2. Put The Heating On

The worst part of getting out of the bath, for both children and adults, is being greeted by a cold room. Put the heating on 30 minutes before bath time so ensure that your child will be warm when they get out. You can also warm up the towels in the dryer so they’re extra cosy when they get out.

3. Get Some Goggles

There’s nothing worse than getting shampoo in your eye. Get some goggles for your child if they’re scared of getting soap or water in their eyes.

4. Make Lots Of Bubbles

Bubbles are a great way to stimulate and engage your child. Pour some bubble bath under running water to create a fun, inviting bath. Installing a water softener in your home will give you bubblier baths, as softened water lathers more easily.

5. Bathe Your Children Together

If your child has siblings, try to bathe them together. Seeing their sibling behave well in the bath will encourage them to follow by example. Also, playing with their brother or

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