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Could soft water cure your child's eczema?

Eczema is one of the most common skin conditions in the UK and 10 per cent of infants will suffer from it during their development. The dry and itchy condition makes patches of skin inflamed, sometimes creating watery blisters that burst and become sore.

Keep your hair healthy with soft water

Does your hair feel coarse and rough even after applying intensive conditioner? If you long for silky locks, the answer might not be in the products you’re using, it could be in your water.

Limescale in water is costing you hundreds per year

Open your kettle and take a look inside. If you see a chalky, white film clinging to the bottom, that is a build up of limescale. Limescale is commonly found in areas where the natural water supply is hard. In the UK, most homes in the south east and the midlands use hard water every day to drink and wash with.

Our 150,000th water softener designed and built in the UK since 2001

At Harvey we’re celebrating the delivery of the 150,000th water softener designed and built since our UK factory opened in 2001. We reached the landmark last month when the softener rolled off the production line in Surrey and was personally delivered by our MD Casey Bowden to Mr West in Aldershot.

How history's greatest minds had their best ideas in the bathroom

How many times have you had a great idea in the bath or shower? It has long been suspected that they bring out our best ideas. In fact many of the greatest minds from history have known it to be true. These 12 familiar faces claimed to do their finest thinking in the bathroom - they firmly believed that their bath time habits impacted upon their creativity.

Bath time brainwaves

Harvey’s American adventure - U.S. Route 66 on his Vincent HRD Series A Rapide

Last month Harvey Bowden headed off to America to fulfil one of his lifelong ambitions; driving the length of U.S. Route 66 on a motorbike. He wasn’t going to do it on just any old bike though. The founder and chairman of Harvey Water Softeners was attempting to make the 2,448-mile journey on his beloved Vincent HRD Series A Rapide;

The real cost of baths and showers without a water softener

It’s well known that without a water softener installed, hard water from the mains can cause limescale to form on household appliances. Perhaps that’s because the upfront costs of replacing a boiler or a dishwasher can be eye-watering - after all, spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds to replace them will tend to stick in the mind.

What’s in your water?

Water - some people waste it, most try to save it. We’re all certainly trying to drink more of it. But when we turn on the tap for a bath, shower or to do some cleaning, how many of us really know what’s in it?