Half term activities to do with your children

We all know that keeping the kids happy and entertained during half term can be one of the more challenging parts to the year. You love that you get to spend time with your kids but at the same time there’s only so much TV you can watch. Let’s talk half term activities you can do with your children that will keep everyone entertained.

Intu shopping Easter activities

If you have an Intu shopping centre near you, be sure to check out if they’re putting on any Easter activities. Often, they have things like drawing, soft play and even TV characters coming in – perfect for photo opportunities. Check them out on social media and you should find when their events are on at your local Intu.

Baking with kids

If the thought of getting your kids in order to make a trip to the nearest shopping centre doesn’t appeal to you, then let’s get messy at home. Baking cookies and then designing pictures, letters and everything in between on top with icing is timeless. It’s easy to do for any skill of chef but be warned, it will require a decent amount of clean up, perhaps the kids can help?

Visit an urban farm

This might be something you haven’t thought of, but during the school holidays and on bank holidays, farms often hold little open days to see the animals and the farm! If you search for ‘Childrens farms near me’ your local event sites will bring up family friendly farms that might even have a petting area. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of fresh country air.

Photography session

It’s well known that we are all born to be models so it’s definitely time to fill your phone’s camera reel with some adorable photos that your friends are going to love. Your smartphones and tablets are capable of some wonderful photography. Get your kids involved with their devices or your own and get out into the garden, park or just in the house. Why not turn it in to a modelling shoot for some cute family photos for years to come?

Don’t be afraid of a duvet day

Whilst you can’t spend everyday sat inside watching films, if the weather has rained off your plans, get the duvets out, make a pillow fort and embrace the home cinema. Kids animation films from the likes of Pixar and Dreamworks are actually very good, but beware you may have a catchy upbeat tune stuck in your head, and house, for the next few weeks.

Get in the Easter spirit

If Easter is your thing, get involved with egg hunts, rabbit drawings, egg and spoon races and a whole lot of chocolate, of course. You can download many colouring prints for your little ones to fill in, or why not try decorating some hard boiled eggs! If your garden allows for it, a miniature egg hunt is always a lot of fun, especially if you include clues and a treasure map!

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