Hygge Pets: Why Brits Love Pets!

The ‘hygge’ may be a Danish construct, but that doesn’t mean we Brits can’t give it our own unique spin!

In a series of articles entitled The Great British Hygge, British brand Harvey Water Softeners explores what a British hygge would look like. In this article, we’re celebrating the pets that bring happiness, love and comfort into our homes – all essential parts of a British hygge.

Pets and the Great British hygge

Dr Emma Nicholas from Notting Hill & Barons Court Vet in West London, agreed that her clients have a bond with their cats and dogs that is beneficial for both pets and their owners. She explained why pets are so important to us and why their role in hygge is such an important one:

“The companionship pets often provide their owners can actually improve our health and sense of wellbeing. For cat owners, the quality time we spend with a cat in our laps helps us to relax and enjoy the moment. Often after a busy day it’s very soothing to stroke a cat whilst you watch television, listen to the radio or read a book. You’re far less likely to jump up and get distracted or start checking your phone.

“The rhythmic stroking, the low purring and warmth a cat provides helps to lower blood pressure and releases endorphins which make us happy. When your cat or dog is by your side their body heat helps us to feel cosy and content. Your pet wants nothing more from you than to be next to you – it makes them happy.

“Our pets are part of our family, and to show just how much we think of them a recent survey found that most people buy their pets Christmas presents. One never feels lonely with a pet in the home, they’re a source of comfort and warmth.”

Cats of the British Hygge

Aside from our pets, something us Brits love is a good cat video! Indeed, cat videos are popular across the web, with one study suggesting each cat video has an average of 12,000 views worldwide! We’ve gathered some of the most British of cat videos for your hygge enjoyment here:

Larry the Downing Street Cat

He’s possibly the UK’s best known feline. Larry the cat moved in with David Cameron and his family to become their chief mouse catcher. He famously remains at number 10 despite the former Prime Minister moving out, and now resides with Teresa May, the current British Prime Minister.

David Cameron proclaims his love for Larry

The leaving PM David Cameron was quick to defend himself when people suggested he didn’t love Larry. Here he is, setting the record straight:

Cats vs Water

As a water softener brand, we couldn’t help but chuckle at these videos showing our furry friends’ reactions to water.

Kitten massage

No hygge would be complete without a nice relaxing massage. And it’s not just us humans who like a good massage either! Take a look at these kittens enjoying a little R&R together:

Ikea cats advert

Remember this one? When it launched in 2010, the Ikea ‘Happy Inside’ advert won the hearts of the nation – and it’s easy to see why! Now imagine having all of these guys round during your hygge time!

About Harvey

As a British manufacturer, we’re very proud of our roots and of what we achieve in this country. We’ve spent decades honing our skills and perfecting our water softener product, and we’ve grown our brand through a combination of home sales and exports to partners overseas.

We recognise that there is so much value in learning from other countries as well as our own, and hygge offered us the perfect opportunity to combine a foreign concept with home based values. That’s why we’ve put together this series of guides to creating the Great British Hygge.

If you’d like to learn more about Harveys as a brand, take a look at our about us page, where you’ll learn about our founder Harvey Bowden, our history and our future plans. You can find out more about our water softeners too, or book a demonstration to find out how soft water can contribute to an even more cosy British hygge.

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