What is the Moisture Sandwich Skincare Routine?

If you need to tackle dry, dull and dehydrated skin this summer, the ‘moisture sandwich’ skincare routine should be on your radar. Developed by skincare influencer Charlotte Parlermino, the simple yet effective technique has taken TikTok by storm, racking up thousands of views and likes on the platform. Read on to find out why you should introduce this beauty trend to your skincare routine…

What is a ‘Moisture Sandwich’?

The term ‘moisture sandwich’ refers to the technique of layering up your skincare products with moisture on your skin to make it damp in between each product. This locks in hydration and protect your skin. The idea is to dampen your skin and then apply your moisturizer on top, trapping the moisture and giving your skin a healthy hydrated glow which lasts throughout the day.

The Three-Step Skincare Routine

Parlermino’s three-step process, which became a TikTok trend this summer, is wonderfully straightforward. After washing your face, you should add a serum while it’s still dewy. This water helps the serum sink into the skin and it traps moisture. Then, dampen your skin again using a facial mist or tap water (only if you have softened water – more on that below), and then add a layer of your normal moisturiser. You can also use a balm or oil on top if you’ve got dry skin, but she advises skipping this step if you’re prone to acne. Once your skin has dried, don’t forget to add SPF – something Palermino encourages her followers to do on a daily basis. There are a couple of serums that shouldn’t be used on damp skin – namely retinol – but otherwise this routine can be used with your existing products.

The Benefits

As well as boosting hydration, the moisture sandwich technique preps your skin, making the products you use more effective, and Palermino has an enviable glow to prove it. This skincare routine is ideal if you prefer not to use too many make-up products or cosmetics – after all, who needs to use a highlighter if your skin is already gorgeously glossy? The moisture sandwich can also be used to treat dry lips. By trapping in moisture which reduces flakiness and peeling, you get a perfect pout.

Using Soft or Softened Water is Key

According to Palermo, a key part of the moisture sandwich skincare routine is using the right kind of water on your skin. She explains that if you live in a hard water area you shouldn’t use tap water, and you should opt for a facial mist or use filtered water instead. Although the beauty influencer lives in New York, the same is true in the UK, as over 13 million homes in the South and East of England, particularly around London, have hard water. This is because hard water has higher levels of calcium and magnesium which can damage your skin’s natural barrier, contributing to dry skin, and worsening conditions like eczema. The best solution to eliminate hard water across the whole home is to use a water softener. This removes these minerals for the water throughout your home, making the water kinder and gentler to your skin.

Want to find out more? Read about the impact of hard water on your skin.

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