Why buy the best water softener?

Why Buy the Best Water Softener?

The water softener industry is certainly one where ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ applies. There are some cheaper models of softener on the market but they are by no means as worthwhile. Considering it is a device that your whole water supply passes through, day in and day out, good build quality is essential. Our softeners are rigorously tested and manufactured to a very high standard of quality and materials. The materials are food grade, though I wouldn’t recommend trying to consume your water softener!

More Accurate Technology

Some of the inferior and older models have complicated electric mechanisms. Firstly, this is a waste of power and secondly they are far less accurate than the precise metering system of Harvey Softeners.

Prevent Wastage

Unnecessary regenerations waste water and consume more salt. Poorly timed regenerations can let hard water into your supply. In any case, other softeners use more salt and water to regenerate anyway and are therefore more wasteful. If you’ve had one of our home demonstrations, you would have seen that it only takes a small amount of hardness to put a dampener (pun intended) on the some of the benefits of soft water.

Dual Cylinders

Older machines, especially single cylinder tend to be large and unsightly. I’ve even seen cases where inferior single tank water softeners have been recommended, solely based on cost. Our dual cylinder systems mean that when one tank has reached capacity, the other takes over, leaving the first tank free to regenerate. This means that the flow of soft water is uninterrupted. It also means that the water used during the regeneration is soft, which helps to reduce the amount required.

Flow Rates & Pressure

Our softeners have a very strong flow rate and can cope with nominal pressures. The combination of our clever design and skilled installers can mean that our softener is still an option where others are not.


Our block salt softeners boast:

  • Reliability
  • Safe materials
  • The greatest efficiency
  • The optimal technology
  • Great flow rates

We’ve been designing water softeners that make a difference to people’s lives for over 50 years. Find out exactly how our water softeners work and discover the science behind their outstanding performance and reliability.

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