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How do I turn on or change myHarvey app notifications?

The notifications that you receive on your phone or tablet provide useful information about your water softener, including if your salt needs to be topped up, if your i-Lid is open, if there are connection issues with your WiFi, or if your batteries are low.

You’ll be given the option to turn on notifications when you set your softener up.

Turn on notifications myHarvey app

If you want to change this after set up, you can turn it on and change myHarvey app notifications from the Settings area of your app.

  • Step 1: Go to your account in the myHarvey app
  • Step 2: Click the settings icon

Turn on notifications myHarvey app

Step 3: Toggle the button to the right of ‘Turn on early salt top-up notifications’. When it shows green, they’re turned on. When it’s grey, they’re turned off.

Turn on notifications myHarvey app