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How will I know when the battery in my HarveyArc softener is running low?

When your battery is running low, you will receive either a notification on your phone or tablet from the myHarvey app (see Option 1), or an audio alert on the softener itself (see Option 2). You can also manually check the battery level (Option 3)

Option 1: If you have connected your i-Lid to the myHarvey app

You can see your battery level on your dashboard and will receive notifications if you’ve turned them on (see How do I turn on or change myHarvey app notifications?)

Option 2: If you’ve set up audio alerts (non-WiFi) option

When the battery level gets low, the water softener will beep three times every eight hours. The light on top of the lid will show a flashing red light for 30 seconds at the same time.

Option 3: Manually checking the batteries

You can check the battery levels yourself at any point by pushing the button on top of the softener twice in succession. A red, amber or green LED light will show the battery status  – see What do the lights and sounds on my HarveyArc water softener mean?