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What is a water softener’s resin made of?

Inside your Harvey water softener are resin beads that trap the hard water mineralsYou can’t see them but we promise they are there, and they start working from the moment your water softener is installed.  

Water softener resin beads are made of synthetic materials and look a bit like brown sugar.

Each resin is sodium charged, calcium and magnesium ions are attracted to the resin, sodium ions jump off the resin. This is ion exchange. This means that as the calcium and magnesium pass through the resin beads, they are attracted to the sodium ions from the beads. The minerals stick together on the resin beads. This is called ion exchange. 

All that exits the water softener is pure, softened water, while the minerals stay behind with the beads. Sodium from the softener salt is used to clean and regenerate the beads periodically, so they continue to attract hard water minerals effectively. The resin beads in your water softener are designed to last for many years.

The resin used in a Harvey Water Softener isn’t your standard resin. We purposely pay for higher-grade to give a longer life, allowing better resistance to chlorine. This is why a Harvey water softener is the highest-quality on the market and best value for your money!***

Find out more about resin in water softeners or learn more about how a water softener works. 

Harvey is the UK’s number one brand for water softeners. Your Harvey water softener simply connects to your home water supply with versatility to fit into almost any location, and then begins the softening process. You can book a no-obligation demonstration with one of our experts to learn more about our water softeners. Book now 

***Harvey Water Softeners are WRAS-approved (proving an item complies with the high standards set by water regulations). It covers all plumbing systems, water fittings and equipment supplied with water from the public water supply, therefore it’s a legal requirement for products installed in the UK to comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. 

For many years there was considerable confusion with the interpretation of the regulations around water softener installation, in particular, drinking softened water and the provision of separate drinking water taps. Harvey Water Softeners worked with WRAS to provide a document that could be understood by an installer (a copy of this document can be obtained from our office by calling 01483 753404). Not only do we implement a thorough testing programme with our products, but our qualified plumbers offer a complete installation service of our water softeners according to WRAS guidelines. 

As well as WRAS-approval, we also hold KIWA certification, which recognises that our Harvey products meet and exceeds the expectations of our customers, making our company’s quality values visible to the world!