Testimonial: It’s a good size – no bigger than a sewing machine

“Finally, our limescale has gone!”

Michael Purcell is recently retired and has never been busier. “I enjoy cycling, canoeing and tennis,” he says. “Although this does lead to pulled muscles, but that’s all part of it I guess!” Michael lives in Caversham, Reading, with his wife and has three grown-up children, a daughter and two sons. The family has also welcomed a new addition, Michael’s grandson. “I have just become a grandad, which is wonderful. I may one day introduce him to cycling, canoeing and tennis too; although by the time he is old enough I will probably be using a Zimmer frame!” No more scrubbing After many years living in London, the family moved to Reading when Michael began a new job based in the area. And as lovely as it is, the water is very hard. “Our biggest encouragement for getting a water softener was to get rid of the limescale,” he says. “It was everywhere – on the taps, in the machines, in the shower head, everywhere. It was endless limescale, which is very difficult to deal with – lots of cleaning materials and lots of scrubbing. And now it’s all gone!” The couple have noticed a huge time saving since having their Harvey water softener installed. “Plus everything is so much easier to clean now. Lots of people have commented on how clean our sinks are and ask us how we do it; we tell them they almost clean themselves!” They have also found they use less washing powder and shampoo,

as the soft water lathers much more with only a small amount of product. Portable plant stand “What’s also good,” adds Michael, “is the size of the unit. It’s a good size – no bigger than a sewing machine – and doesn’t take up too much room. We keep it outside so it’s not at all in the way.” As a keen gardener, he finds it makes a handy stand for a flower pot: geraniums at the moment! Although, he does draw the line at using the soft water in the hosepipe for watering the plants. “The salt blocks are also easy to use, although we do seem to use a lot of them as we change them every three weeks, but then we use a lot of water.” Friendly and professional Michael found Harvey Water Softeners on the internet, and was delighted when he rang to enquire and immediately spoke to a person and not a machine. “Harveys was the only company to answer the phone with a real person, which is rare to find these days. So many queries are handled by machines, and you can’t have a conversation with a machine!” He found all the staff very friendly and professional right the way through: from the initial call and the salesman who visited, to the engineer who installed the final unit and left the area very tidy. “Everyone was very pleasant and the process was also very quick, well under a month, and exceptionally good. I have already recommended them to several other people.”

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