Testimonial: That’s was eight years ago and it still works perfectly

“Life is what you make of it, you know.”

Alan Tipper from Watlington is a man of few words. He is retired and 80 years old, has three daughters and two grandchildren and if you hear what he’s been up to you wouldn’t believe he’s 80 at all!

Alan has just returned from a skiing holiday, which is his favorite thing to do besides flying aeroplanes and he goes skiing three times a year, if not more! Soft water and no scaling Alan is obviously a man of quality, he knows what he wants and does it, and he knows what he likes as well. “When I was working I lived in London because commuting was not an option, but I didn’t like it there and much preferred the countryside. So I bought an old church in the countryside which had been converted into a house, but I further improved it. I noticed how hard the water was and I disliked it. So I got online and I found Harvey Water Softeners. I booked an appointment and the sale was made. That’s was eight years ago and it still works perfectly,” he says. “We have soft water and no scaling.” Alan got his flying license at age 17, and he did his two years’ National Service as a pilot in the RAF. He didn’t stay in the RAF because the government closed down most of the squadrons. He worked in business and industry and eventually became a headhunter with a major American company. After 10 years in the company, he left and started his own headhunting business with two friends, from which he retired after 10 years aged 68. He went on to become chairman of another headhunting company until he fully retired at the age of 75. In the air doing tricks “Last year I actually went skiing four times. Life is what you want to make of it, you know,” he says firmly. “I’ve always loved what I did and I still do.” Alan plays squash too and as a former RAF pilot, he now co-owns two planes; one of them is an air force classic Chipmunk. “It’s an aerobatic plane”, he explains, “Of the two, the aerobatic one is my favourite. I still like to throw it round the sky now, doing loops and rolls. I used to sail as well but when I bought my second plane I had to let go of that hobby.” Flying is obviously in his blood, be it down a hill on skis or in the air doing tricks.

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