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    Suffering from hard water?

    Find out how you could benefit from a water softener.

    Using a clever ion transfer process, a Harvey water softener removes the calcium and magnesium deposits in your water, which means no more limescale build up around your home.

    This results in the total removal of scaly build-up in your kitchen and bathroom, giving you a brighter, shiner home. While also incorporating the latest smart home technology, a water softener even helps to make savings on your monthly energy bills. So, request a get in touch using this form and let us show you the difference a water softener can make.

    Our Products

    Smart HarveyArc with a white square background

    Smart HarveyArc

    Our latest eco-friendly, smart water softener.

    • New ultra-compact, eco-friendly design to use least space under sink
    • Uses smaller sized Mini Curve Salt Block – easier to store, handle and load
    • Works with the myHarvey app for salt level monitoring and handy notifications

    Terms and Conditions

    Purchase by Monday 6th December 2021 to redeem this offer. Installations to be completed by 30 April 2022. The offer applies to installations using any method of payment, including our no-obligation three-month trial. This offer is not transferable. All products must be installed at the same time as the water softener. 50% discount is applicable to drinking filters, excluding the Standard Harvey Carbon Filter. 25% discount applies to our range of 3-way taps and Zip taps. 6 Month Salt Offer – calculation based on 300g of salt used per regeneration with a daily water usage of 150 ltrs per person in a 2-person Household. For the HarveyArc this would equate to a total of 15 packs of two Mini Curve Salt Blocks in 6 months. At the current price, the total value is £51.05. Pack quantities may differ for other Harvey water softener models.