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The Price of Hard Water Hard water costs you more than you may imagine. Any amount of scale in your heating system can seriously reduce the overall efficiency, as demonstrated in the diagram and figures above, and backed up by published research papers. The Proof There’s a good deal of scientific study in this area.…GO TO PAGE
The push towards energy and money-saving technologies in the home is greater than ever before. Over in the US, Barack Obama once again addressed the issue of climate change as a primary driver in his policy pushes during the upcoming second term of his presidency, putting the issue of technology firmly in the minds of…GO TO PAGE
you are based in a hard water area, there are plenty of reasons to install a water softener in the home. By process of ion exchange, the water softener will draw out the magnesium and calcium ions, the mineral content which makes it ‘hard’ in the first place. Having soft water flowing through your household…GO TO PAGE
If you are going to make an investment in a product, you will want to know exactly what’s in it for you. That’s why, here at Harvey, we want to make sure you understand the benefits of soft water: Save money on cleaning products, soaps, etc. Improve the efficiency of your heater. It can help improve your…GO TO PAGE