How to Reduce Your Water Bill

How much water does a dishwasher use?

It’s a common belief that dishwashers use an excessive amount of water, but what if we told you that may not be true? Find out how much water an average appliance uses in the UK and how this compares to hand washing… Read More >

How much does water cost?

Whether you are renting a property or own your home, we all have to pay our annual water bill. UK water rates change from year to year, and the cost varies depending on your location… Read More >

The true cost of bottled water

With the world bracing itself for a climate emergency, and many countries already feeling the impact of global warming, now is the time to start making a change to our consumer behaviour… Read More >

How to save money on your bubble baths

There are endless benefits of taking a bubble bath. Many people find that soaking in a lavender scented bubble bath can help them escape everyday stressors and soothe them into a peaceful slumber… Read More >

How to make your washing machine last longer

We hope our guide on how to make your washing machine last longer will help you to keep your washing machine in the best position to stand the test of time. This article will cover tips and tricks… Read More >

How to save money on your laundry

Saving money on your laundry ultimately comes down to the settings you use, the water you use and at what time you do your laundry – read on to find out more… Read More >

How to stop a leaking pipe and save money

There are many reasons why your pipes may be leaking, and it is vital that homeowners understand the damage that a leak can entail, and not to ignore it… Read More >

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