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Treat your family & home to

beautifully softened water

It’s our mission to make your house sparklier, your cuppa tastier, your skin silkier and your clothes softer.

All while saving you a few pennies too!


The 7 Wonders of Harvey Water

Are you in a hard water area?

Enter your postcode below to find out whether the area you live in is prone to hard water.

Do you or your family suffer from eczema? Scientists prove the link between eczema and hard water


Why choose Harvey Water Softeners?

There are many good reasons you've helped us become the UK's number one water softener manufacturer,

here's just a few:


Number one water softener on review sites



National expert service all year round



Unlike others, our softened water has no down time!



A family business that sells the UK's number one water softener


More affordable than you think

Join over 200,000 of our happy customers

Go on, treat yourself.

What are you waiting for?

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