Are there any downsides to water softeners?

No. Everybody who has a good water softener that works properly is delighted with the benefits and more than happy to put up with the requirements of ownership.

As with all things, there is always the ‘other side’ to ownership, but we would not describe them as a downside. You have to buy a water softener in the first place. You have to fill it with salt from time to time. But that is it if you have a Harvey™.

The benefits to Harvey’s Block Salt Softener™ are as follows:

With an electric single tank water softener there are complicated instruction manuals to read regarding setting up of the clock and regeneration periods. With a Harvey there are no clocks, or electricity, or programming.

With an electric single tank water softener you have to carry large 25 kg (56 lb) bags of tablet salt. With a Harvey™ you get little 4 kg blocks of salt, which is much easier to handle.

Seeing and feeling is believing. Harvey’s™ offer a free trial, so you can prove it to yourself before commitment.