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Does a Harvey™ block salt water softener have a maximum daily capacity?

A Harvey water softener doesn’t have a maximum daily capacity. The Harvey dual cylinder system maintains the softened water supply 24/7, because when one cylinder is regenerating, the other continues softening – making the capacity endless. There is no ‘down time’. 

We offer three water softener models that are designed for different levels of demand. In properties that have a very high flow rate and high demand, such as for commercial use, we recommend our largest model, the Big Blue. 

During your free demonstration, our representative will assess and talk to you about your usage and recommend the best Harvey model for your needs.  

The HarveyArc is our most popular domestic model, designed to meet the needs of a family home with up to three bathrooms. The HarveyArc uses our new Mini Curve Salt Blocks. 

To keep your water softener running smoothly, you’ll need to replace the salt in your system regularly. Check the salt chamber – if your water softener salt is running out, stock up on pure A-grade quality salt for home delivery from our online shop. Buy now