Water softener salt

Salt is an essential part of your water softener. It cleans out your Harvey™ Water Softener and keeps it running efficiently and effectively. You can buy water softener salt for your Harvey™ Water Softener in our online shop.

Find out more about water softener salt and what it does below:

Why block salt is best for water softeners

Water softener salt was once only available as big bags of granules or tablets. These bags were awkward to load, very heavy and took up a large amount of storage space. Harvey invented block salt in the 1980s and it went to market in 1995, changing the industry forever.

Tablet salt vs block salt

Tablet salt meant that spillage became less of an issue than with granular, but these bags are still huge. To put this into perspective, a bag of tablet salt weighs 25kg whereas as the HarveyArc mini curve salt pack weighs just 4.25kg.

Water softener block salt benefits

Block salt has meant that our water softeners are far more compact than ever before.

In addition, block salt itself is:

  • Easy to load
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to store

Our block salt is food grade, meaning that there are no anti-caking agents or other nasties in it. You can order our block salt from our online shop.

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