The Eczema Experience Survey: The Results


Harvey Water Softeners and the leading health organisation, Talkhealth ran a survey around eczema in order to gain a better understanding of the patient experience of eczema. This included how much they spend on skin care products, how their skin affects various areas of their life as well as their experiences with household cleaning products. 

You can view and download the full report here.

47% of respondents will spend 2 years of their life cleaning


Question four and five: house cleaning When asked, “On average, how much time do you spend cleaning your house per week?” the majority stated that they spent between 1-4 hours per week cleaning their house (46% - 369 people). In total, over 47% of respondents spend over 5 hours of cleaning a week, with some even spending over 11 hours! This added up to almost 2 years worth of cleaning for 47% of those surveyed over their life time.

Participants were then asked to consider how much they spent on household cleaning products per month. The majority of participants spent between £0-£10 per month on cleaning products (40% - 316 people), 33% (259 people) spent £11-£15 per month, 18% (144 people) spent £16-£20 per month, 5% (43 people) spent £21-£25 per month and 4% (32 people) spent over £25 per month.

91% of people surveyed suffered from eczema 



Question one: Living with eczema

When asked, “Do you, or have you ever, suffered from eczema?”, the majority (91% - 715 people) were either living with it currently or had suffered with it in the past.

Question two: How much do you spend on skincare products to treat dry skin each month?

The vast majority of participants spent between £1-£10 per month (44% - 348 people) or £11-£25 per month (35% - 276 people) on skin care products to treat dry skin.

76% say eczema affects body confidence 


Question three: Has the condition of your skin ever affected you in the following areas of your life? (Tick all that apply): Work, Family and relationships, Body confidence, Financial, General health and wellbeing.

Body confidence (76% - 601 people) and general health and well-being (64% - 511 people) appeared to be the areas of life most affected by participants with eczema, with work (34% - 273 people) and family and relationships (34% - 270 people) being affected by just over a third of those that participated.

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