Why Harvey™?

We don’t just do water softeners!

The Harvey family is made up of experts from many industries. We have a dedicated service team seeing to all customer needs and a friendly retail team who make sure our customers get exactly what they need.

There are many stages involved in getting a water softener into the homes of customers. Our teams keep it simple and make it happen; every one from production to plumbers are passionate about doing the right thing.

Great news – we’ve gained another star on the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For award.

A 2 star rating (out of a possible 3) means we are ‘outstanding’ and this is a step forward on our previous 1 star rating.

Working together, we are driving our business forward – not just in terms of business growth, but in terms of growing our teams. The people that work here are vital to the growth of the business, so making sure the teams are motivated and happy is key to our success.

We will be looking at the data so that we can do the right thing and see how else we can make this a great place to work. We have a fantastic team here and this award demonstrates it.