7 Unusual Gin Flavours You Didn’t Know You Needed – Until Now!

With the longer days and the lighter evenings comes the opportunity to pull those garden chairs out of the shed, dust them down and enjoy a few after-dinner drinks with friends.

With gin’s popularity increasing every year, the flavours get weirder and wilder. We have put 7 of the best flavours you need to know about for this summer’s balmy evenings when only an ice cold gin and tonic will satisfy your thirst.

Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin

We start our gin journey in the Far East. Instead of a long, cramped plane journey, take a sip of Opihr’s Oriental Spiced Gin for a real taste of the orient!. This gin is inexpensive and is great for the savoury spice lovers who need an end-of-week alcoholic treat.

Anty Insect Gin

Usually keeping insects out of the glass is key when relaxing in the garden, however this gin is actually made with the little creepy crawlies!

Stay with us on this one… this gin isn’t as disgusting as it initially sounds.

It’s made using distilled wood ants in Kent. These colonies of ants produce unique tastes and aromas, mainly through the acid they produce. This certain set of chemicals mixed with classic gin berries makes for a truly unique gin, so unique in fact, they only make 99 limited edition bottles a batch.

This odd gin experience will set you back around £220 per 70cl bottle, so one to save for a special occasion.

Crazy Clear Lassi Yoghurt Gin

If you combine pomegranate, turmeric, juniper, black cumin, coriander, black pepper, angelica and yoghurt, you get Crazy Gin.

This fusion of British and Indian flavours offers a different spicy combination to Opihr that is so wild, it just had to be on this list. We think Greek yoghurt is perfect in the morning with some fruit, but with gin? You’ll have to be the judge on this one…

Rock Rose Gin 2017 Spring Edition

The flavours in this Scottish gin fuse to satisfy any sweet tooth. Gorse flowers and dandelion are fused with other gin-gredients to make a distinctive licorice flavour, ideal when paired with plain tonic. Unlike the previous two you can find this gin at most stockists, just give it a search!

Zymurgorium Marmalade Manchester Gin

Most people have marmalade on toast at breakfast, the people at Zymurgorium decided that simply wasn’t enough and infused it into a gin!

Their wildly named gin offers a citrus explosion with a bittersweet finish, best served over ice with a lemon slice and standard tonic water. If you are a real sweet tooth, throw some lemonade in there for a true citrus burst on a summer’s evening.

Mocha Gin

Mocha to-go? How about mocha and gin? This inventive flavouring takes chocolate orange, vanilla and a hint of dark roasted coffee – perfect for the caffeine lovers out there.

The collaboration of fruit and chocolate only intensifies the initial gin flavouring, finishing with the typical juniper gin aromas. If you’re a choc-a-holic (who isn’t?) then this gin is definitely one for the wish-list and I guarantee your friends will not have tried it before!

Gin Puerto De Indias Strawberry

So maybe you’re not a chocolate fan, you have more of a sweet tooth. Well this combination of Gin Puerto De Indias Strawberry and lemonade is something straight out of the Wonka factory!

The deep strawberry gin with lemonade tastes like strawberry hard boiled sweets, but in alcoholic drink form. Picture a hot day with a light breeze and this gin and lemonade poured over ice with a finishing cut strawberry floating in the top. Summer bliss!

Do you have a favourite gin flavour that we have missed? Let us know your perfect g&t combinations on Facebook and Twitter @HarveySofteners.

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