Great British Cake Quiz: Which Cake Are You?

What do birthdays, weddings and Christmas all have in common? A few things, but the most important is cake!

Us Brits love the spongy, gooey, icing-topped goodies, and even when there isn’t an occasion for it, we will still have a break with a cheeky slice of the nation’s favourite dessert.

Now we all have a favourite kind of cake, but have you ever wondered what type of cake you would be? We have created a quiz to answer this very question and make you a little bit peckish at the same time. So grab a seat, a slice of cake and a cuppa (which is made better with softened water!) and find out what cake you are:

What kind of cake were you? Do you need to find the nearest bakery after seeing those cakes? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter @HarveySofteners and don’t forget to tag your friends to compare cakes types!

Images sourced from Hamza Butt, Jonathan Gredo and Star5112 on flickr.