Happy World Water Day

To mark World Water Day 2021, the companies in the Culligan family across North America, EMEA and Australia conducted market research to investigate water related habits, with a special focus on water saving habits and on coronavirus’ impact on people attitudes concerning water. Here are some of the main takeaways:

Covid-19 is causing consumers to think about the impact of hard water in their home

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, consumers are thinking more broadly about the impact of hard water in their home, particularly how it impacts their household chores and appliances. In the UK, more than a quarter (26%) have explored what home solutions they can get to save time cleaning/reduce limescale and about a fifth (16%) have explored whether to upgrade their appliances to be more energy efficient. Check out the table below to see how this varies across the different regions.

British consumers still misinformed about water

In our market research, we investigated the most common misconceptions about water and you may be surprised at the results. In the UK, the most common misconceptions included the following:

  • Bottled water is safer than tap water
  • Drinking sparkling water while eating aids indigestion
  • Drinking water does not cause bloating

The UK isn’t the only country where fake news on water is prevalent – check out below how other regions fared.

Consumers are paying a lot of attention to water saving

The theme of World Water Day 2021 is valuing water and our research suggests that consumers across the world are paying serious attention to the ways that they can save water. In the EMEA region for example, more than 7 people out of 10 turn off the tap while brushing their teeth or shaving and use to take showers instead of baths. You’ll be surprised at the small steps you can take to conserve water –  check out below how people in countries across the world are doing their part.

World Water Day allows us to reflect on the enormous value that water brings to our households, and natural environment. Therefore, take some time today to think about the impact of water on your life and the actions you can take to preserve this precious resource.

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